Tapling is a fun game in which you can test your speed and visual memory, These will infact be your weapons which will determine your victory or defeat!
Challenge your friends, score the most goals possible in the 2 rounds, collect bonuses and defeat your opponent by collecting more points than them!
But be careful, you could come across penalties… and then there’s trouble!
You’ll be able to challenge your friend on Facebook or one of your followers on Twitter, or play against an opponent chosen by Tapling for you, make an Achievement and climb the rankings.
During the game, remember these simple rules

The action in Tapling takes place in a football field divided in 8 rows and 6 columns.
At the beginning of the match, for 3 seconds there will be 3 types of elements on the screen:
The balls which lead to the opponents goal;
Bonus which allow you to increase your points;
Penalties which decrease your points
You will have to try and memorize the most elements possible and when time is up, you will have to remember their location to score a goal!

In every line in which the pitch is divided you will find an orange ball.
To score against your opponent you must cross all the pitch to the opponents goal remembering in which points you find the footballs.
The faster you are, the more goals you will have the possibility to score, during the 2 rounds of the match. Each goal is worth 20 points.
In addition to the footballs on the pitch, bonuses and penalties which can increase or decrease your points, will be present.
Here’s what they are:

Goal: 20 points


The next ball is visible
It allows you to see the orange ball on the line where you are positionated
Points = 0

Show inline errors
It shows you any penalties on the line where you are positionated
Points = + 20

1 second view
It shows you the game scheme for 1 second
Points = + 15

5 seconds of game
It adds 5 seconds to the remaining time
Points = 0

Overhead kick
Additional points
Points = + 20

Energy drink
Additional points
Points = + 20

Score with only one tap!
Points = + 1 goal

Super Bonus take with one shot all bonuses available on the game field
Sum of all bonuses on the playing field


Penalty points
Points = - 5 points

Hand ball
Penalty points
Points = - 15 points

Off side
Penalty points
Points = -10 points

Penalty points
Points = -20 points

Restart from the goal
Restart the action from your goal
Points = 0 points

Lose time
It reduces the available time of 5 seconds
Points = 0 points

Lose 1 goal
Penalty scores
Points = - 1 goal

Undo all the scored goals
Super penalty you lose all scores made in the round
Points = 0 points

Pull a muscle
Penalty points
Points = - 15 points

It makes difficult to see the playing field for 3 seconds
Points = - 15 points
Every game consists of 2 rounds.
To win the match you must, score goals and collect bonuses, accumulate more points than your opponent.