Frequently Asked Questions

Try with a different username. That username may already be taken. Modify it by adding numbers. For example “MarioRossi1234” instead of “MarioRossi”.
If when you created your Tapling account you registered your email, you can click on “Access with a Tapling account” and then “forgotten password”. Insert your email and click on “Change Password”.
You will receive an email with a link to your new password.
If you hadn’t registered your email adress, you’ll have to proceed with a new registration.
Go to Tapling's settings and click on “Account settings”.
Scroll down and select “Use Facebook picture” as “ON”. If you are not connected to Facebook when Tapling asks you to accept, follow the steps to connect to it.
Click on the users profile picture above the game plan and then on the “block” button in the top right corner.
You can only pay via credit card.
If you reinstall Tapling or you install it on another iOS device you have to repeat the activation of the Premium version. Go to settings, select and then “Activate”.
If in the moment of purchase of the Premium version this message appears, you must activate the purchases In-App. You can do this in settings: click on “Limitations” e select Purchases In-App as “ON”.
Tapling is available on iOS and Android. It will soon be available on other systems too!